Gabriel Garbow is an artist living and working in St. Paul, MN.  He is president of the Old Town Artists co-op, which resides just across the river from the historic Lowertown arts community.

Gabriel is an art-school dropout, having attended a number of semesters at Pratt Institute and one at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design.  He graduated with a degree in English (and a minor in studio art) from New Mexico State University after a mere decade of college.

With influences ranging from comic book illustration to the the finest museum pieces, Gabriel’s own work moves between the poles of high and low art.  Current series have tended toward vaguely fantastic scenes in watercolor, and more whimsical works created in Photoshop.

“My number one aim is to engage with people’s imaginations. “

Gabriel is also a former art camp brat, having logged countless summer weeks at Interlochen Arts Camp, Savannah College of Art and Design, and the University of Minnesota.

Gratitude goes out to the extraordinary opportunities he has benefited from over the years.  He would like to thank all of the people who made this possible: the art teachers, the scholarship contributors, and especially his unflinchingly supportive family.  “Special thanks to my mother and devoted partner, Tony, for sticking with me; and to Peg Hansen – one exceptional public school art teacher.” – Gabriel Garbow

contact me: gabrielgarbow@hotmail.com

37 thoughts on “About

  1. I have lurked about your sight for months. Thanks for doing the same with mine. Question: you have the cutest, sweetest face, why do you draw yourself so curmudgeonly? 🙂

    • Haha. I blame my grumpy self-portraits on two things. First, there’s the common problem in all portraits that the sitter’s expression tends to ‘deaden’ over the course of the session. It takes some real talent on the part of the model to keep things consistently lively for the duration. This wouldn’t be a problem if I was working from a source photo, but, alas, I draw mine ‘live’ using a mirror. Second, a pinch of laziness may be involved. It’s conceivable that, with effort, I could modify the drawings to look more cheerful. However, towards the end of a drawing session I’m usually just ready to be DONE!

      And thank you for the lurking. Feel free to keep the wanton compliments coming, too! I surely don’t mind.

  2. You are very very talented. Thanks for sharing. http://www.segmation.wordpress.com

  3. Fantastic work Gabriel, thanks again for taking the time to look at my work.

  4. I love your artwork!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  5. Thanks for comment and the ‘follow’ Gabriel.

  6. Hi again! I just wanted to say thanks for following my art blog, and for your encouraging comments. All the best!

  7. My the power of all the Universe and Humanity of which I’m offered a little slice by the people of WordPress, I nominate you, Gabriel Garbow for the Beautiful Blogger Award.



  8. poppytump on said:

    Hi Gabriel
    I have come by Bec at http://cloudsofcolour.com/about-clouds-of-colour/
    Am enjoying browsing your Lovely Paintings and Art here 🙂

  9. Hello! Dropped by your blog from Tom’s blog! Your weekly challenge seems like fun too and enjoy looking at some of your art 😀

  10. sarahjaneprosetry on said:

    What is your favorite comic/graphic novel?

    • I mostly gave up reading comics 10-15 years ago, no longer having the expendable income. Prior to that, I was a HUGE X-men fan. But by two favorites before I gave them up were ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Nausicaa and the Valley of Wind’. How about you?

      • sarahjaneprosetry on said:

        Yes, I too all but gave up on comic books. Though lately I’ve had a small resurgence. I just love the medium. Back in the day I was an avid Strangers in Paradise fan. And I’ll never give up my Sandman collection. But beautiful stories for ugly children have a special place in my heart and on my shelf.

      • I’ve been thinking about getting back in on a title or two. I’ll look into the “…Ugly Children” title. Thanks!

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  12. Hey Gabriel, your work is awesome. I really like your sketches and watercolour… the lines are lively, free and expressive with emotion! I also love how you use your blog to give an insight into your work. Do keep it up!

    And, I am glad I stopped by your site 🙂

    • I intend to keep it all up! My hope is that the ‘insight’ included in the blog both ‘de-mystifies’ art-making for people who are intimidated by art, and gives new ideas to people who are already creating things.

  13. Fantastic watercolor! I’ve always loved working in this medium but haven’t picked it up in years to focus on other work…perhaps I shall be inspired from seeing your blog! ~ peace, Jason

    • It would be fantastic if my blog inspired you in any way. Other folks’ blogs have surely done the same for me, and it’s always nice to pay it forward.

      Keep an eye on things around here and hold me accountable. I can take a little honest feedback.

      • It’s so refreshing to hear that. Without the benefit of critical eyes, we often are not able to advance. I’ve been looking for honest feedback myself, and will be sure to offer my most sincere.

        In this blogosphere, it is difficult to find good, inspirational material. I’ll be back.

        ~peace, Jason

      • Lately, I’ve realized the thing I want to accomplish with my art is to give other people the feeling I get when I experience really imaginative stuff: music, movies, pictures of any sort. I think back to how Star Wars just captivated my imagination for easily the first decade of my life and revved up my creative engine.

  14. Thank you for visiting and following my blog, and for your comments and encouragement!

  15. Paintblotch on said:

    Hey Gabriel, you have done a tremendous job with your blog! Great art, great writing! Keep it up!!!

    • Your encouragement is well-taken. I like what you’ve done with the blog template we both share. Really cool drawings as well. Please make sure to offer comments and critiques as you browse my blog, too!

      • Paintblotch on said:

        I wish I could figure out how to resize my images to fit in the layout on the front page! If you have any advice as to how I can do that so that its nicely set up like on your blog, I will be really happy 🙂

      • My image cropping is not always that accurate: but here’s what I do:
        1) In Photoshop or whatever, I create a second (banner) version of my artwork 800 x 300 pixels. I make sure to crop this one exactly how I want it to appear at the top of the post page. The front page will usually show the leftmost portion of this cropped image.
        2) I then upload the original version and the “banner” version. (Using “Upload/Insert” in the create post page)
        3) In the image editor/add media screen, I click “use a featured image” for the banner version.
        4) In the image editor/add media screen, I then click “insert into post” for the original-sized art.

        This gives me more control over what shows up for the ‘featured image’. Otherwise, the image will end up auto-cropped which is random, and less desirable for me. Please let me know if this helps, or if you have more questions. There are other ways to do this, I’m sure.

      • Paintblotch on said:

        Oh wow! Thank you so much for the tip!!! I will try it out this weekend and let you know 🙂

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