Back From the Dead / The Fisher Boy

Hey, Folks.

It’s me… back from the dead.  Thanks for bearing with that very extended hiatus.  I have been making art sporadically, but not a whole lot that I expect to see the light of day.

Oh well.  There are some spiffy ink and watercolor drawings from a model session last week that just need scanning.  Also in the queue are some caricatures that I did for a contest at work.  They were very well received there, so I hope the same will be true of my online ‘office space’.

To get back into the swing of things, though, today’s post features a little drawing that’s been sitting in the back of the digital drawer for a long time.

The Fisher Boy

This was just a fun one to do.  The original inspiration for it eludes memory, now, but it was fun playing around with a limited color set, the water, and drawing a posture that conveys pent-up energy about to be released!

Some of my favorite parts are the little fold of the belly just below the navel, the color and style of the guy’s hair, and the sustained rhythm of the line work throughout the piece.

What do you like here?  What would you have done differently?



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3 thoughts on “Back From the Dead / The Fisher Boy

  1. Welcome back, Gabriel!
    I like the effect of him kneeling in wet sand – and his poised expression… ready to strike!

  2. Welcome back. You have been sorely missed. I’m just a fan who loves your work.

  3. The more I look, the more I see. Gabriel, you have a gift. Pure and simple.

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