I had the opportunity to work on a few special projects over the holidays.  One especially interesting one was a digital picture I did by request for a co-worker.

See, there are a few of us who enjoy the comic books.  My coworker Ryan is one such person.  I happen to be another, but you probably already know this.  So it was a perfect intersection of interests when Ryan asked me to do a picture of him and his wife as super heroes, which was to be a Christmas gift.

On those occasions when I get commissions, I like to meet with the person and get a good sense of what they’re looking for.  Often, people don’t know how to put into words what they want, or there are aspects they haven’t considered in advance.  I see it as my job to make sure the expectations are clear up front and that the end result marches those expections.

Ryan is a Green Lantern fan, so some research was in order to fill in the gaps of my knowlege.  We talked about the drawing/coloring style he liked, and some potential poses.  He chose from a few thumbnail sketches that I provided, and the finished piece satisfied everyone involved:

Corders - Finished - small

There will probably be a post or two soon focusing in more detail on the process that went into creating this work, from thumbnails to printing.

BONUS QUESTION:  Do any followers of this blog know the name of the character that the lady is based on?  Hint: in the comics, this character would have had reddish skin.

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