Spruce Lily

Proceeding backward through the collection of color studies, today’s piece was the one that started it off.  It didn’t come from a magazine, though.  Inspiration for this exercise started with a Christmas card.

It was a really pretty one that Tony had bought, but which hasn’t been sent to anyone yet.  It featured gold inlays, which I did not try to replicate.  The interplay of the greens and the melony/salmony hues were the highlight here.

Pallette III - Spruce Lily

Never intended to be a finished piece, this sketch was created at a very low resolution, which is why the edges are blurry and the lines are consistently fat.

I played with some playful patterns that weren’t exactly present in the card itself.  These palettes seem to work best because they’re fairly simple, but contain a high degree of contrast in intensity, hue, and value (light/dark colors).

What are your observations?

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2 thoughts on “Spruce Lily

  1. I like the rhythm and flow of this piece. Browns and coral reds are encouragingly warm.
    You’ve got a winner … I would hang this in mi casa, el pronto!

    • Ah, thank you… again, it’s not really intended to be a ‘finished’ piece, per se… I really just tried to quickly jot down the colors. But the rhythms are nice, and maybe there’d be some value in cleaning this one up.

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