On a whim, tackled a lion the other day.

By which I mean that I undertook to draw a lion, based on a photo I encountered somewhere.  My goal was to see how quickly a drawing could  be completed that still satisfied my standards of quality.

Not so fast, apparently.

I’d hoped for half an hour.  It took perhaps three times that…. Aaaand I touched it up a bit the next day, too.  Yeesh.  The end results was worth it, though.

Lion copy

A lengthy discussion of technique is not warranted, since the technical side of things was very straightforward.  There were no fancy filters or anything applied here, just old-fashioned draftsmanship.

Along that line, however, it may be worth noting that the mid-tone shadow gave me the most trouble.  It was added after the darker lines were already done, but had to be redrawn a number of times.  The first few attempts left the lion’s head looking flat.  The final attempt strayed further from the way the shadows were distributed in the picture, and kind of “grouped” the shadows together in a couple larger masses.  This gave volume and solidity to the drawing.  After that was established, a few of those shadows were broken up just a little with some erasing.  You can see an example of this on the left side of the drawing, under the eye.

And playing off the topic of pride, I was quite proud of my showing this past Saturday at my studio-building’s “Miracle on Water Street Holiday Art Fair”.  While it was scantily attended due mainly to frigid temperatures and bad road conditions, a good number of people bought some of my less expensive paintings and prints.

I also did live, 15-minute watercolor portraits again, and they were a hit.  I did four of these and got a couple more commissions.  I was pleased and proud of the paintings, too.  There are a few photos that my be showing up here, sooner or later, so stick around.





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6 thoughts on “Pride

  1. Fantastic, Gabriel. Congratulations on the sale of your artwork.

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