A Newer Model

The same session that was featured in the previous post produced a number of other drawings.  Some of those are here.

I’m not posting these sketches in order to show off any extraordinary talent.  A lot of them are actually kind of ugly and awkward.  But the point of exercises like these are to warm up  – not just you hands, but your eyes, too.

Model - arms on back - sm

When people talk about hand/eye coordination, it really is an equal partnership between the two body parts (plus the brain and other stuff, but I don’t have an aphorism for that…).  You really have to know what things look like in order to draw them accurately, but seeing alone doesn’t produce a good drawing unless you can control the movements of the hand that are responsible for making the marks.

Model - back leg foreshortened - sm

In the first drawing, there are a lot of marks that simply… missed the mark.  When this happens, especially during practice, I’ll draw or paint right over the bad line with a (hopefully) better one.   Sometimes this leads to layers and layers of mud.  Sometimes it creates a nice effect.

The second drawing is more self-assured.  Overall the back appears flat without much interesting stuff going on, but there’s some nice foreshortening in the right leg.

Model - Crouching - sm

In this final, crouched drawing, the brush strokes are choppy, but confident.  Again, I’m pretty pleased with the foreshortened look of the nearer leg, coming toward the viewer.  The shape of the back, neck and head are pleasant, too.

I’ve got some new, finished drawings ready to post for next time.  Interesting stuff.  Please check back.

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