Something a little different today. 

This blog has seen its share of watercolors, pencil sketches and digitial drawings in the past couple of years.  There have even been an increasing number of pen-and-ink drawings popping up.  But a ball-point pen drawing?  That’s new.

Actually, the drawing isn’t that new any more.  It was completed in between visitors at our yard sale a  month or so ago.  It only took about seven minutes, because that’s how I had before the subject moved.

The star of the show is Nila, Tony and my 12-year-old dog.



It’s a pretty good likeness.  Probably better than most of my human drawings, in fact.  The only area that’s a little off is the underside of her jaw, which should be just a little scruffier. 

Color also would help.  The values in the drawing aren’t very accurate, because the linework is more indended to describe contours and volume rather than light and shadow.  You can also see faint guide-lines, also in pen, that defined the major portions of her body, inscibed in the first few seconds of the drawing.

My favorite parts are the face (cause she’s so darn cute), the floppy ears, and the paws on the nearer legs (front and back).  My least favorite thing is that there wasn’t enought room for the tail. 

What do you think works in this picture, and what isn’t?  Or, drop me a line about your beloved pets!

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12 thoughts on “Nila

  1. The tail thing reminds me of the shoe drawing in Foundations (sorry…it’s the teacher in me!) Be sure to know what you want to include BEFORE the first line is made. Viewfinder anyone? Maybe START with the tail? Faces are sooooooooooo seductive. As you remind so well with this drawing…your LINES are fabulous, especially the left ear.

    • You are right, of course. This drawing wasn’t expected to be anything more than a quick sketch at the outset – I was shocked that Nila sat still as long as she did. In addition to your reminder, one must remember to actually apply all those good practices: even if it’s just a sketch… because you never know!

      P.S. The progress on your geo-thermal system is looking exciting.

  2. poppytump on said:

    Love her loppy ears 🙂
    Looks relaxed but ready to spring in to action in one move .. seen that pose in ours !

  3. I love her ears and the way you captured the volume and loose skin on her neck. I’m a huge animal lover. I currently have five dogs and two horses.

  4. Oh my god amazing dog and drawing! ❤

  5. What is not to love? Our best friends are our truest soulmates, are they not?

    My favorites: her ears, eyes, beautiful nose and those lips.

    She’s precious!

    I have a yellow Lab. I can so relate to this!

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