Dani in Full Color! / The Goblin Queen?

The session that produced the embellished ink drawing of the previous post also spawned a full-color, full-on watercolor of our model, Dani.

I’m quite pleased with this one, despite some clear ‘flaws’ and despite the luke-warm reception similar pieces have garnered.  Perhaps it’s because something about the picture strongly reminds me of a character from one of my favorite comic books.

In the eighties, during the era of one of my favorite illustrators, Marc Silvestri, The Uncanny X-men featured a long-running storyline about a doppleganger of the Phoenix/Jean Grey character.  Despite an apparent lack of mutant powers, she married one of the central heroes, and became a member of the team, only to be revealed as a sinister clone who became known as The Goblin Queen.

In her evil persona, her red hair was augmented by a satiny-blue shoulder-less dress.

So there’s that.

Dani II - sm

Anyway, as alluded to earlier, there’s some funky stuff happening with the anatomy here.  When I first ‘blocked in’ the main areas of the figure, the head, shoulders, torso and everything were all lined up correctly.  However, when added the eyes to the head, they were a little too far to the left.  The rest of the facial features were added next, and were placed to align with the eyes.  Now the whole face was basically placed in the left half of the head.

To compensate, when it came time to add the hair and the purple border making up the forehead, cheekbone and chin on the right side all were laid in to make for a well-proportioned head.  However, this resulted in a head that was too far to the left of the torso to be physically accurate.  That’s why the body doesn’t quite have a natural feel to the pose.

AND in between the two main pieces, this little ink sketch found its way into existence.  It was just a quick exercise; drawn directly onto the paper using the eyedropper that’s attached to the lid of the ink bottle.

Dani III

There you have it.  Any questions?  Please leave comments below (as always).

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12 thoughts on “Dani in Full Color! / The Goblin Queen?

  1. I like this! Her flaming red hair jumps off the page and grabs, and her red lips make quite a statement. For every flaw you pointed out, I simply defined them as ‘movements.’ She is not stagnant upon the page, but adjusting, fluidly, into her next movement.
    I really enjoyed this!

    • I like your critique. My acknowlegement of the picture’s ‘shiftiness’ is not meant to put down the painting itself: like you point out: it works. If anything though, I remain a bit chagrined that these movements happen by accident, rather than intention.

      Long story short: I’m a control freak who wants the process of painting to bend to my will!

  2. I understand your critique, but it’s a beautiful piece.

  3. love those colours.

  4. Well, she makes an excellent goblin queen 🙂 Very very fine Gabriel 🙂

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