Ink and Ink

Our model at the studio this week was Dani.  She’s a friend who works with Tony at the bank, and who has artistic inclinations of her own.

We were lucky enough to get her up on the model stand this time, though, instead of behind the easel.  Her striking features, flaming red hair and tattoos made her a thrill to draw (and paint), but also a challenge.  It’s a difficult balancing act to translate natural beauty into a drawing without slipping into pure idealization.
This ink drawing with watercolor detailing threads the needle fairly well.  Some of her distinguishing characteristics were lost between the original pencil sketch and this finished piece.  This is mainly due to my still-progressing skills with the brush.  There’s a certain level of control that will only come with repeated practice.

Dani I - sm

The flow of the piece and the proportions are pleasing.  The shape and the volume of the hair also looks approximately how I’d hoped they would turn out.

There’s a lot of inelegant line work, however.  The face has some feathering to the left of the mouth that seems clunky.  The interior lines of the shirt are a mess.  However, the legs and arm (the one that’s actually there) are well-described through appropriately varied brushwork and good feathering in the shadows under the arm that helps to convey volume.

I like the subtlety of the color making up the tattoo, but I really took the opportunity to cut loose with hues in a subsequent watercolor, which I’ll post in a couple days.

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7 thoughts on “Ink and Ink

  1. I like this Gabriel for two reasons…, 1) the splash of colour on the tattoo; and 2) there’s something very statuesque about the drawing.
    I also like the hand.

  2. This is beautiful, Gabriel. I love her hair and the subtle bits of color in her tattoo. However, I’m not a fan of tattoos, especially on women (they are so unfeminine IMHO) and I often wonder how folks in their 20s and 30s will feel about their tattoos when they are in their 80s or when they fall out of vogue the way tongue and lip and eyebrow piercings did (and thank goodness for that; they were so unattractive and creepy).

  3. I do agree that her arm and hand are wonderful. I think the broken line adds much.

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