We’ll be remaining with a nautical theme for this entry, but this time: fully digital.

The drawing was born from a sketch using the Wacom tablet, and there it remained.  I’ve been seeing a lot of photos of octopus and illustrations involving tentacles lately, and decided to try my hand at it.

Tentacles - sm

It’s really just a sketch; something for fun and for practice. 

I like the main dude’s pose, though he’s a bit too calm, given the situation.  It would be fun to do a follow-up where he’s a little more panicked.   The basic color scheme of the tentacles is also successful – the color moving from that berry-red to a much lighter under-color.  How this would look if the coloring was more developed, tigher, and detailed?  It would be nice to have a bit of shadow to define the suckers more.

The other guy swimming away was added at the last minute to balance out a gaping hole in the composition.  It solved that problem, but is probably the weakest aspect of the picture, drawing-wise. 

Another last-minute additiona that made a huge difference, this time wholly positive, was the second layer of shadow-color on the main guy.  It really gave him a much more solid feel, even though (again) the placement of the color is very loose.

It’s great to cut loose and have fun sometimes.  this was a drawing that was never meant to be anything other than that.  And in that regard, it was a 100% SUCCESS !

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2 thoughts on “Suckers!

  1. I agree, sketching for the sake of learning is always fun and really helpful. And when digital, no supply loss! Have you ever tried distorting an element in PS to push the drama?

    • I have not used the ‘pinch’, ‘ripple’ etc. functions in that way yet. Based on your suggestion, thait will now be on the top of my list of things to try out (it’s just a mental list at this point…)

      Thanks for the pointer!

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