Summer Hues

On a recent weekday evening, I found myself stopping in to the studio for the first time in a while.  I had been “ordered” by Tony to “do more watercolors”.

I think the intent was that I should be doing more illustrations like The Child Bride or The Next Move.  Instead, some little warm-up paintings were the products of this visit.  They were more an attempt to stretch and settle into my skills as a painter.  Rather than focusing too much on an expansive color scheme, this picture was more an ink drawing than anything, except with watercolor.

Sun Bather

I like the way it turned out.  The painting was done freehand; no preliminary pencils or underpainting.  Just pure, confident color.

The figure is largely described using the orange, just like an ink or pencil drawing would be done.  However, the back, which would be awash in light, is instead defined by the yellow background color.

Photo reference was used for the overall form of the figure.

The following is a smaller, quicker sketch that was more of a copy-job:

Three Workers Again, the goal was to get more comfortable with the feel of ‘drawing’ with a brush.  Don’t be surprised if you see more work in this vein coming up.

Till then… have a great day.

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10 thoughts on “Summer Hues

  1. I agree with the other comments, Gabriel. I like the colours, lines and pose of the first and old-fashioned feel to the second. I can feel the heat clearly from the ‘sun bather’, and the ‘three workers’ reminds me of an old photo discovered in an abandoned factory (or somewhere similar). I like this style.

  2. Your confidence is evident in both Gabriel, and it’s well placed. Gutsy red handled very well-great ribs. The three figures offers a tale of mystery. In fact the third figure looks as if he’s really about to speak. Very well done.

    • Thanks, Elena. Confidence is definitely increasing. I’ve heard a few compliments on the ribcage already, and they are graciously accepted. That said, the ribs started out as a purely random result of some scumbled brushing. But far be it from me not to embrace these gifts of chance!

  3. Amazing! I’m not a painter, but I have often heard it said that watercolor work is a bit more challenging than oils or acrylics.

    Can’t wait to see future pieces!

  4. They’re both gorgeous

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