Sarah’s Turn

Sarah Turner and I met at a wedding, not so long ago.  We hit it off immediately.

Sarah’s a multi-talented lady.  Shortly after the wedding, Tony and I saw her perform in an improv show, which was a hoot.  She’s a terrifically witty writer, too.  Take a moment to check out her blog:

As it turns out, we also share a goodly number of interests and background points.  For instance, both of us graduated college with English degrees and Studio Art minors.

Sarah was generous enough to sit for my ol’ art group on Friday.  The painting that resulted is not bad, though it deviates from the sitter’s actual appearance in a number of ways.

Sarah Turner I - sm

The eyes are nice.  They seem well-defined, but soft.  There’s a tendency to make the eyes overly intense or tired; a temptation exacerbated by the effect of a prolonged pose on a weary model.  The skin tone is also warm, believable, and varied.  Check.

Primary among the flaws would be the nose.  Sarah’s is markedly less prominent that what you see in the painting.  I am a sucker for an assertive nose, and tend to exaggerate this feature, unconsciously.

Secondly, the model has a more defined chin/jawline.  While little can be done to fix the nose (the pigments in these watercolors are rather permanent), the jaw is salvageable.  I’ll post the results.

Meanwhile, here’s the sketch that preceded the painting.  Note the large snout again.  It’s a pretty weak likeness, but, hey: it’s a sketch.

Sarah Turner Sketch I

Sarah has promised to reprise her role as muse in a few weeks.  Ah!  A chance for redemption.  Until then, please remember to check her out here:

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4 thoughts on “Sarah’s Turn

  1. I like the drawing especially

  2. Thanks, Gabriel! Great post and nice painting. It was fun to sit for your group. I’ll link this to my blog this week.

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