Another Andrea

Andrea, our model from last week, returned to sit for us again this week.  For a number of reasons, painting didn’t go as smoothly as last time, but in the end it was a worthwhile evening.

I set out to try a new technique.  The drawing started as a light pencil sketch, which acted as a guide for an ink line-drawing using a waterproof India ink.

Andrea II - ink - sm

The drawing has strengths and weaknesses, of course, but it’s permanent, so any flaws have to be worked with. The mouth placement is a bit too low (it’s been tweaked in photoshop for the finished piece below).  The line quality, too, is inconsistent, while the *width* of the line is almost too consistent.  I used a “pen” carved out of bamboo.  I’ve had some success using this tool in the past, but it’s been a while, and I it took some getting used to.

The overall design of the composition is strong, however, and the posture of model is pleasantly assertive.  It was time for painting to commence.

I started by basically filling in the major areas with broad washes of color.  This was a lot like paint-by-numbers, the main difference was that I made no attempt to stay in the lines.

Andrea II - sm

I went back in to pump up colors in some spots with a finer brush, and also to place in the shadows.  As mentioned earlier, a couple adjustments were made “post-production” in photoshop: the mouth was raised a bit, and some color added to the eyes, which had previously been filled with the same color as her skin, lending the whole face a washed-out look.

Not enthusiastic about the results of the bamboo pen-and-ink drawing, I did another quick experiment while the watercolor was drying at one point in the evening.

Andrea III - sm

This one was accomplished in two minutes using the same ink, but a fine tipped brush.  There was no under-drawing here, just some inky freestyling.  With some practice, this technique could be something I could get into!

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18 thoughts on “Another Andrea

  1. So much color in this piece, Gabriel. She is beautiful and strong. Have you thought of hiring an agent to help you find work as an artist?

    • As a matter of fact, I’m working on that right now. I’ve submitted my portfolio with my first agency: a local one. I’ve yet to get a response, but I have attempted to follow up via phone. If they don’t take me on, then I’ll at least try to get some good feedback from them and keep trying. Thank you for being such a caring online friend!

  2. do you paint for a living or a passion?

  3. marvelous………………human mind is the best creative faculties……went through most of the artwork and found it outstanding.

    • I appreciate your kind thoughts.

      I find sometimes my ‘human mind’ is a little *too* present in my work, and I should just trust my gut a little more. It would be interesting to hear what pieces or what kind of pieces you liked the best (and why?).

  4. Very nice Gabriel!

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