Big Sister

My little sister came and sat for Old Town Artist’s portrait night yesterday.  I did a big beautiful picture of her in watercolor.

Becky Beautiful - reduced

She did a great job and the other artists requested that she return.

The watercolor I did has its flaws, of course.  Mostly, there are some inaccurate measurements that cause the picture to look less like Becky.  (A more accurate rendition was posted previously… here.)  The distance between her eyes and mouth should be greater, and her nose extended accordingly.  Likewise, all of her features have drifted a little too far to the left of the face.

On the plus side, the paint handling is confident and free, while remaining in the realm of “realistic” color.  The shapes of the individual facial features are fairly accurate and pleasing.  It holds together as a darn good painting.

It was fun to paint, and it was fun to spend time with my sister.   Thanks, Becky!

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2 thoughts on “Big Sister

  1. You are much too critical of your work. This is wonderful, Gabriel.

    • Seriously, I’m not being critical in the negative sense…. just objective. I am in love with this painting, it’s just that there are some things that, to me, are obviously different from how my sis actually looks. But thank you for the vote of confidence.

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