The Dahlia Sessions – part III

This is the last installment from last week’s figure session.

These watercolor sketches were actually the first ones completed.  Each was a three-minute pose.  Each one showcases some successful parts and some clunky bits, as well.  The purpose of these exercises is the practice, not the product.

Quick sketches like these are a great way to hone your eye – and its ability to coordinate with the hand.  They also function as a simple warm-up for the main event.

And they’re fun to do.  Let’s not forget that….


Dahlia - nude I - reduced

Dahlia - nude II - reduced

Dahlia - nude III - reduced

Dahlia - nude IV - reduced


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One thought on “The Dahlia Sessions – part III

  1. Well done. It seems great fun, I’ll try to do that.! 😉

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