The Dahlia Sessions – part II

Here are a couple more watercolor sketches from last Wednesday.

The first one was the final in a series of three-minute poses.

The second one was completed during the hour-and-a-half long pose.  However, it only reflects about twenty minutes of work.  I went for a style in both of these that are more closely related to drawing than to traditional painting – describing the figure primarily with line rather than color or value.

Dahlia - nude V - reduced


Dahlia - portrait I - reduced

What will this week have in store?

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8 thoughts on “The Dahlia Sessions – part II

  1. Love the way you depicted the texture of Dahlia’s hair.

  2. Yes, very good once again Gabriel!

  3. Very nice…like sketching with watercolors.

  4. Lovely and free, you have captured the form very nicely.

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