The Dahlia Sessions – part I

I was sick last Friday.  Therefore, the weekly portrait session was a no-go.

I made up for it by attending our Wednesday night life-model session this week.  It was a pretty successful outing.

The model was relatively inexperienced, but did a great job of choosing interesting poses (stick around for these pictures later this week).  The final pose of the night is always a longer one.  I had already turned out some good full-figure sketches, and the angle was not amenable to a good full-length, so a portrait became the focus instead:

Dahlia - portrait II - reduced

This one only took about a half hour.  At that point, it seemed like it had reached the balance between “fully-realized” and “not overworked”.  It was time to stop.

This portrait  (and others from the session) continue to consolidate the style that I started exploring a few months ago in that Saturday figure session (here).  It’s a good feeling when you start to feel more in control of a technique – moving beyond that feeling that successes are just the results of good luck.

P.S. – Dahlia’s hair, as you’ll see later, was actually in long, thin dreads.  Also, her name is not Dahlia, but, as usual, I forgot to take down her real name.

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4 thoughts on “The Dahlia Sessions – part I

  1. I agree with Elena. I also love the purple tones in her skin. They give it richness.

    • I do love a good, violet shadow for depth. I turned to a very abrasive magenta in my cheap-o Prang watercolor for the purples. My high-quality colors are lacking punch in this department.

  2. Her hair is especially good.

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