Olly Oooop!

After Saturday’s portion of the Art Crawl, Tony and I went to a friend’s house to help him celebrate his birthday.  My lovely friend in this picture was there, also.

There had been a brunch earlier on, but my partner worked, and I was committed to studio-sitting.  By the time we arrived, birthday boy Daniel was bored with the movie they had been watching, and ready to hit the bar.  This is where the evils of Netflix enters the picture.

No sooner had the confusing film reached its climax and denouement, when Netflix recommend another movie.  The irony is that the next movie was recommended based, ostensibly, because it was liked by people who liked the previous movie – which none of us thought was that great.  So why did we want to see the next one so badly?

Part of the reason may have been one of the faces on the teaser picture.  It was of Olly Alexander, who has been in a bunch of movies that I’ve never heard of.  What intrigued me immediately was the hair.

The kid had a mop that was the spitting image of Bob Dylan’s do, circa “Blonde on Blonde”.  Turns out the rest of his face was pretty cute, too.

Olly 1 - Work In Progress

This drawing is my first foray in to fanart.  The pose is also taken directly from a photograph, which isn’t very “fine art” of me, but oh well.  They point is to practice a more finished style and begin to get more of a handle on facial expressions and color.  That’s plenty to bite off all at once, so I didn’t feel that using a reference was cheating too much.

Along those lines, there’s obviously more work to be done here.

  • A bit more blending on the face
  • Ruddier cheeks
  • Deeper eyes
  • Brighter highlights on the hair

I may leave the jacket part sketchy.  What are your thoughts?  Basically, this is just evidence that I haven’t completely abandoned art-making.

Take care.

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3 thoughts on “Olly Oooop!

  1. I like this exactly as it is. I don’t think it needs any additional tweaking. More ruddiness on the cheeks and shadows on the eyes might take away his delightful boyish charm. I love this.

    • Your comments are very welcome and I think I agree for the most part with you. I’ll be sure to do any additional work on a separate layers, so the current state will also be preserved. Then we can compare and see which is “better”…

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