Nude Sketches

The last week was spent up to my elbows in St. Paul Art Crawl related activities.  The crawl is a twice-a-year event in which the entire Downtown St. Paul art community opens their studio doors to the public and lets ’em in to browse (and occasionally buy).

I was the coordinator for my co-op again this year, and then spent almost the entire weekend sitting in the studio and hosting our guests.

It’s a really great time, but leaves me exhausted and practically useless as far as *making* art is concerned.  Apparently, this fatigue also extends to blogging. Sorry.

So for now, while I catch up on producing new work, here are some sketches from the past year…


This one is from a book called “The Nude”, as you can perhaps surmise from the note a the bottom of the page.  The book belongs to Old Town Artists.  The picture that served as referrence was a photograph of a marble statue.

This drawing and the next were done with ball-point pen.

Sketchbook - Nudes Two - reduced

Same book, different page.   Probably statues again.

Moving on…

IMG_0010 IMG_0011 Leg sketch - reduced

These three were from a more recent life-model session.  I think it was a special Saturday try-out that we hosted at the studio.    They are all the same model.  Short poses – probably a minute or two each.

They were drawn in graphite pencil, and by the look of them, I’d guess it was the normal no. 2  variety instead of my usual soft-lead .05 mechanical pencil.

So there you have it.  And there’s more where they came from….  Come on back to see what else we can dig up over the next few days.

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2 thoughts on “Nude Sketches

  1. Doing fast sketches is fun, and good for the old eye-hand coordination. Well done.

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