This pretty little picture was quite a bit smaller than my usual portraits.  It was only about three inches by five.

There’s a lot of color packed into a small space, though.

Nina - reduced

My more voluptuous set of Schmincke watercolors were temporarily missing – later to be found in the bottom of my lunch bag.  So the color regime here has a little less range than what would have been ideal.

The design is strong, though – the placement of the head on the page is just right, and the knit hat adds some fun pattern.  The skin tone is a bit “off” which is unfortunate, and the shadows don’t really convey depth like they should.

The model was someone’s niece.  Here name was Nina, and she could POSE!  She sat with a taciturn attitude, leaning on the back of the flipped-around chair.  Lots more fun than the usual stodgy frontal posture that is the staple of these sessions.

We’re on hiatus from portrait sessions this week in preparation for this year’s St. Paul Art Crawl.  Should be a good time.

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10 thoughts on “Nina

  1. Wow this is what happens when I dont log in to wp for a month!this is just brilliant Gabriel! I really like the colour of her skin as it contrasts so nicely to the pink hues and also to that cornflower blue in her cap…really lovely..

  2. Smaller is often times better.

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