Seated Nude

Some things of beauty are stowed away in drawers and cabinets; like jewelry or children (really?).  Their charms waste away in the shadows, until given the opportunity to radiate in the light of day.

One such gem that’s been hiding for the past few weeks is this lovely seated nude:

Seated Woman - Nude - reduced

Of the three attempts that Saturday, it was the only one to turn out – but turn out it did.

The rainbow hues only tangentially relate to any real-life color.  There are so many interesting notes in this watercolor that it’s almost embarrassing to mention all of the them.  I’m especially fond of the shape of the head and neck as it flows into the shoulders and collarbone.  The hand across the abdomen has a nice gesture, and there is some tantalizing color blending in the right knee.

I have to say, though, that I’m perhaps most proud of how her pubic area turned out.  It’s not *too* flashy or detailed, but as the darkest part of the piece it does hold one’s attention.  It is also the only part of the work to use an earth-tone (brown).

The only part I wish had turned out differently is the purple on the underside of both legs.  The edges on either side are just a little sloppy, and not in keeping with the feel of the rest of the piece.

So enjoy… and feel no shame staring.  It’s art – it’s okay.

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6 thoughts on “Seated Nude

  1. Love the quick, fluid strokes and that you captured her lovely figure with just a few lines. That’s very hard to do well, and you pulled it off with great skill. And you know I love the rainbow colors. This is so well done. I love it.

  2. I actually like the way the underside of the thighs came out. To me it makes her look seated, like there is pressure below her, and thus it gives weight to the piece.
    Beautiful work 🙂

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