Rainbow Riot

“Spooky” was the second painting to come out of last week’s life model session.

This is the first:

Anna 1 - reduced

The painting benefits from a freedom of brushwork and riot of color.  I used colors from three or four different watercolor sets that I’ve accumulated over the years: from the very high-end Schmincke set with its pure, transparent colors, to the unnamed, chalky, almost liquid-pastel set that was a gift.

By the way; I love those chalky paints.

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22 thoughts on “Rainbow Riot

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  2. ! Wow! this freedom of brushwork is really good Gabriel!.Very sensitive and strong at the same time .
    nice work

    • I appreciate you enthusiasm. It’s encouraging. I haven’t yet gotten the hang of this style though, so the results are sometimes amazing and sometimes complete garbage…. but that’s to be expected.

  3. I like the feeling of freedom, as if effortlessly. Beautiful colors, cold and warm. Bravo.

  4. I like your freedom with watercolour, it can be an extremely formal and stiff medium.

  5. Somebody is shifting over to the color side….and I like it!

  6. beautiful touch and colors…great work !!

  7. I like the big close-up of her neck. Would really be a cool abstract painting say 4ft x 8ft.

  8. I really like the use of colour with this one, Gabriel.

  9. Quite exciting and wonderful Gabriel! I really love the hard edges where the watercolor has dried and the bleedy places where it blends. Great.

  10. very nice – minimum draftsmanship and beautiful colors

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