It is waaaay past my bedtime, but this picture couldn’t wait.

It’s an illustration on the theme “Yesterday”. Let me know whether you think it works.


It turns out to be REALLY hard to convey a sense of yesterday without using a picture of a calendar.  Yesterday is hard to visually distinguish from “any old day in the past”.

It’s even harder to capture the distinction between yesterday and ‘last night’, although the attempt to be that specific was probably my own choice.

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8 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Oh, Gabriel, I love the colors in this. They are masterfully chosen. And I love the message that yesterday’s rules are going by the wayside and making room for equality for all. This is a beautiful painting. My favorite Garbow yet. A Garbow–I like the sound of that.

  2. I interpreted this as “tomorrow was invented so we could clean up yesterday’s mess”. The coffee signals the beginning of a new day, but this is juxtaposed with the yawn/hand held up to shield from the sun, which represents yesterday’s lingering presence. I like this one a lot, Gabriel.

  3. This is a perfect yesterday! Aside from your concept, I also love the triangle of stripes and the color!

    • Thank you. The compostion formed rather subconsciously with a few deliberate tweaks to improve balance and movement.

      For instance, the origimal thumbnail drawing was done in straight-on, single-point perspective and the guy with the hose was to the left of window. Switching to two-point perspective resulted in lots of those interesting triangulating lines.

      Years and years of art instruction must have actually engrained this stuff in me, after all. It’s exciting to realize that this has become intuition, and no longer taxes my concentration. Which allows me to consiously obsess over the color….;)

  4. Yes, it sums up the morning after the day before very nicely, Gabriel. It is a tricky theme, yesterday, I went for the many yesterdays ago approach! You did well with the theme.

    • My mind comes up with all these arbitrary ‘rules’ for what approaches I can take to illustration projects. I think they come from years of art teachers drilling certain concepts, my mother’s influence, and personal disposition.

      Sometimes these rules provide me with structure, direction, and invigorating challenge; other times they’re just constricting.

      This time, the constraints almost sabotaged my ability to complete the work, but it fell together in the end.

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