Lush began their promising career in the early nineties as a band working in the vein of “shoegazer” wall-of-sound music, like their countryman, My Bloody Valentine.  Their name was an apt descriptor of their sound, with waves of distorted and reverbed guitar pouring through each song.  Their debut album was also fittingly titled: Spooky.

By the time their days as a group ended a few years and a few albums later, they had taken on the mantle of Britpop and even featured Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker as a guest vocalist.  This shift alienated early fans and probably hastened their demise.

The readers of this blog seem to be a little more forgiving of stylistic shifts.  For that, I thank you.

Today’s image is a bit different from the usual, here, but is more a fusion of some visual themes that have already appeared.

Anna 2

The picture was the second of two paintings that resulted from a life-model session last Wednesday.  The first one turned out so successfully, so early in the evening, that I had time to do a quick portrait.

The combination of soft and hard edges lends a feeling almost of two paintings superimposed on one another.  The eyes, of course, are the main focus of it.  They were formed by tapping two small dots of bright blue paint into the semi-damp puddle of color that was already there.  The blue then started to disperse, giving that spooky fuzz effect.

It was a gamble.

But so often, that’s when the best stuff happens in art.  Had the paper been too dry, they would have been two dead-looking dots, that probably would not have felt integrated to the rest of the painting; had the paper been wet: they would have oozed all over and not looked like eyes at all.

This quick painting, in lacking some of the details that I usually relish, relates to the ‘under-drawing’ pictures I’ve posted before.  The ones that are basically the color layers that were meant to go underneath line drawings in Photoshop.  There was one of my brother, and this recent spectral form.

Let me know of some gambles that have paid off in your creative life!


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11 thoughts on “Spooky

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Well done, bravo. With watercolor it’s always an adventure : depending on the water on the paper, the water in the brush, the water in the color! 😉

  2. This is lovely. You are saying a lot without too many marks. The colours are beautifully clean.

  3. There is the slightest hint of an eye socket on the left and an even slighter hint on the right eye, which is fabulous. And I love the painting of your brother. Somehow, I must have missed that one.

    • No worries about missing a post. There are much more important things in this world 😉

      As for eye sockets, I’ve been paying them increasing mind. I’m reading through the chapters on skeleton in an anatomy book for artists. So much to *learn*!

  4. I like it Gabriel, it’s good to try out something new or different every now and then. I know you’ve mentioned it in your post, but this too puts me in mind of of the recent spectral post of yours, the figure materialising out of nowhere. Like you say, Spooky. The eyes are actually quite piercing.

  5. Excellent! The viridian left side of the face is particularly wonderful.

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