The Whispering Wall

This week’s topic is “Whisper”.

Research (of the wiki variety) led me to discover the wonders of the whispering wall.  They are perfectly real: rooms created with circular walls that carry sound in such a way that a whisper on one side of the room can be heard perfectly at the other.

That was the inspiration for this picture:

Whispering Wall II - sepia

The drawing came surprisingly quickly once it got underway.  The guy in front needed very little erasing after the initial sketching took place.  As detailed as the architecture is, I worked confidently and didn’t have to redraw much.  Getting the elliptical shape of the opening right was probably the hardest part.

Oh, yes… and the hand.  That cupped hand was a bother.  I had to go find a mirror and practice with my own hand after a few failed attempts at free-handing it.  I drew it on paper a few times with a pen, then drew it on the computer.

It’s still a little awkward, but passable.

The color was a mess.  I worked on it for hours over the course of a couple of evenings.  It wasn’t until I turned the full-color picture to a sepia-toned version that it really started to work.  There is still a hint of some other hues in the lines of the far guy and in my signature.

I’d still like to complete a full-color version of this, but there’s no telling when I’ll get around to that.

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14 thoughts on “The Whispering Wall

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  2. Your drawing is very interesting. It reminds me of the St Paul Cathedral( in London) where I went to the whispering gallery. it works very well.

  3. Love this piece, Gabriel. Really creative interpretation of the Illustration topic. If I was standing in that room, I’d whisper, “you are awesome.”

  4. Lovely work Gabriel. I’d like to find a whispering wall to try(to whisper along-not paint) Thank-you for your kind comments . The drawing is of my mom.

  5. Great work, Gabriel. The sketchiness of the piece mimics the quality of a whisper beyond a wall—not clear, but still vibrant. The person in the background is a nice detail. Have you read The Wolves In The Walls by Neil Gaiman? The illustration in that children’s book is fantastic fodder.

  6. I think it works, Gabriel. I like the curves and the impression of distance. And the colour works as well!

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