Blood and Turquoise

Here is a recent watercolor from a Friday night portrait session.

Typically in watercolor, washes of paint are used to suggest form through color and light/dark value contrast.  Here, the form of the young woman’s face is described with bold, crisp line-work instead.  In that regard, it felt more like drawing than painting, to me.

It was a nice treat to work in a more comfortable method for the first time in a long time.

Monica I

The results show the level of comfort with the approach.  There’s a time for pushing oneself to the outer limits of ones skills, and there’s a time for making the most of the skills you already have.

I took some liberties toward the end.  The model’s expression was not so intense.  And there was no real attempt made to suggest blood (or turquoise, for that matter).  The title of this post came after-the-fact, simply based on the colors.

The palette reminds me of a simplified version of the rust red / turquoise hues frequently employed by French painter of the 1880s, Eugene Delacroix (a perfect example is the Tiger’s Hunt, here).

This model returned the following week.  The output from that session will be posted soon.

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4 thoughts on “Blood and Turquoise

  1. Love the bits of turquoise in this.

  2. Very nice work. And thank you for the nice comments on my blog back in November. I don’t always log into blogger and post from my phone most times. Thanks again and your lost style is really eye catching.

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