Wooly Bully

The word of the week is “Wool”.  What a perfect opportunity to revisit a fellow who was very popular in his cameo appearance in  a previous illustration (here).


This boy, inspired by the character of Kanta in the animated “My Neighbor Totoro”, seems destined for a life of menial labor.  Originally, he was going to be pictured in the “Wheel” picture dragging a bundle of wool over to the girl and the old woman.  However, I had trouble getting the gesture right, and substituted a broom instead.

Here, though, we see where how the wool gets to the house where the young lady learns to spin it into yarn.  And it doesn’t come easy.

The poor kid is always being taken advantage of. . .  even by his own pack mule!

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6 thoughts on “Wooly Bully

  1. Gabriel, the work that is coming out of your hands is really getting strong.I have the feeling that it does not need your signiture anymore(if you know what I mean)
    Your way has become unique with a sentsitive Gabrielian touch 😉

    p.s. so interesting what only 2 little red lines can do!

    • Those little red ropes were initially put in that color so I could find them easily when it was time to choose a color. But meanwhile, the drawing had ‘grown up’ around them being red, and they got to stay that way.

      Thank you for the encouraging words, too. I still feel utterly lost most of the time when I’m working, so it’s good to hear that, all in all, it’s turning out well.

  2. I knew the boy looked familiar, but couldn’t think where from until I followed your link to the other post, Gabriel, and then I had the ‘of course!’ moment! I wished I could have another moment with the ‘wool’ theme, but there’s nothing. Never mind. Great piece once again, although you have to hope that the mule will feel sorry for him eventually… probably not though!

  3. Poor little guy, always doing the grunt work. And that mule looks so smug!

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