Live and Let Die (Wings)

It’s perhaps a little twisted that I chose the rollicking James Bond theme, “Live and Let Die” to represent this week’s Illustration Friday submission, since my scene is a little more sombre than the musical number.

The topic was “Wings” though, and the credit for the song goes to Paul McCartney and his band of that same name.  So it fits.  And the words in the title seemed an apt fit for the image below.

But maybe I’m just a sucker for a good “kitchen sink” production.  McCartney’s number pulls out all the stops: beginning with an almost-tender piano intro reminiscing about “when we were young” through the horn-heavy title phrase, into a rousing passage featuring fearsome flutes, and the lighthearted reggae section that terminates with an atonally screamed “you gotta give the other fella H-E-L-L !” only to finish as it began…. quietly.

In the next post, I’ll go into some of the bumps along the way and some of the ‘instruments’ used to overcome them.  For today, a look at the final outcome:


It’s an arresting image… I’ll give it that much.

I have a lot of artist-friends who are really into fairies, and I have been drawn to these themes throughout the years, too.  The idea was to do something along those lines, but nothing too ‘cute’. So we ended up with this nasty little guy.

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3 thoughts on “Live and Let Die (Wings)

  1. I’m really feeling for the bird in this one, Gabriel, but anything could have happened up until this point… not being able to see the fairy guy’s eyes does make him appear to be nastier of the two though. As graphic as the picture is, I like the movement you’ve captured within it – and his hair!

    • Thanks, Tom. I was never overly-fond of bloody violence, despite being a big comic book reader back in the day. But sometimes ugly things happen… and I don’t adhere to the Disney-fied version of fairies as predictable do-gooders.

      Never turn your back on a fairy is all I can say.

      • I was a huge comic book fan when I was younger and still own quite a few to this day – always good to have a read every now and then! 😀
        But yes, there’s good and bad in everyone, including fairies! I always try to look for the good though!

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