The Friday night portrait sessions that I attend most weeks have been a little less productive the past couple of weeks.

I have a good excuse for the last one:  I was the model.  It’s hard to paint when holding perfectly still.

Things were frustration the week before that.  Two pictures resulted from the sitting, but neither of them felt like a clear victory.  The model for the evening was a lovely expecting mother with strong features and a rich skin tone.  Unfortunately, the first paint-drawing is held back by the off-balance  positioning of the subject on the page:

Utah - Full

The second try of that night is well-positioned.  The brushwork is lively and varied.  The piece suffers, however from a bit of overworking and a washed-out look caused by too little pigment and too much water when brushing on the paint.

Utah - bust

The watercolor from three weeks ago is much stronger all-around:

Shelley - for blog

The colors and values are vibrant and varied.  The drawing and composition is solid.  There’s a hint of overworking, but nothing too egregious.  Features that are especially pleasing are the lips, the eyes (at least the nearer one – the other is a bit too high up) and the swoops of pony-tail on the shoulder.

So that’s it for now.  Next week I’m out of the model chair and back to the easel.  We’ll  see what happens.

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