At Ocean

A couple of firsts, today:

1)   My first non-digital work for Illustration Friday.

2)   My first watercolor to be completed with a strict and tight (mostly self-imposed) deadline.

The theme was “Ocean”.  The concept for the illustration came quickly.  Then a couple of sketches.  Then delays.

At Ocean

Once the actual painting began, this little number was completed quickly – over the course of only about two hours.

Due to the speed of the work, the paint didn’t always dry as completely as it should have before adjacent areas were started.  Often, a little bleeding of the colors is good, but there were a few instances where it was less desirable.

A couple of adjustments were made using Photoshop.  Then it was time to post.

All in all, it’s a satisfactory companion-piece to my previous water-themed watercolors:

How do you think this new one fits with the others?


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2 thoughts on “At Ocean

  1. REally love the mood here. I also like it cropped for your header.

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