Becky and James

The last of my Christmas portraits are of my sister Becky and her boyfriend James.

Becky’s picture is unique due to the use of some gray tones in addition to the black ink-style line drawing.  She is making a wry smile in this picture, though she seemed delighted when she thought I’d given her a mole on her cheek.


James never made it to Christmas Eve dinner, but he still got the notebook with his picture on it:

James copy

This one may have been one of the best likenesses.

And that wraps up the series.  Who next?

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8 thoughts on “Becky and James

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  2. Becky is GORGEOUS!

  3. This picture of Becky reminds me of a frame photo I used to have of her, which my friends always thought was the stock photo purchased in the frame 🙂

  4. Um, that was “of” James’ hair….

  5. Beautiful portraits, Gabriel. Beautiful family, too. Once again you really nailed the texture ig James’ hair.

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