Family Portraits

I’m falling a bit behind on photographing and posting new work.  There are a couple new studio-portrait-session watercolors waiting to get digitized.  There is also a slight backlog of work that I completed for Christmas presents.

Here are a couple.

The first is a picture of my brother’s lovely young family.  It features (clockwise from the left) Noah, Melissa, Ben, and Sam.

Melissa's BoysLike (most of) the others in this series, it’s adapted from a photo or two.  In this case, some of the subjects were moved to make for a more compact composition.  The primary modification was made by mirroring Ben and the little darling he’s holding.

We were all pleased to have Levi with us again this year.  He’s my sister-in-law’s (here) twin brother, and son of Carol ( …and here).


This drawing was completed on-the-spot on Christmas Eve.  Unlike the others, it was completed by direct observation of the living subject.  I’m most pleased with the nose.  His hair and glasses were hard to capture.  It should also be noted that the “stubble” on his chin is really just supposed to be shadow.

Till next time…

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6 thoughts on “Family Portraits

  1. You did this LIVE? *faints*

  2. Really amazing that you composed Levi’s portrait on the spot!

  3. I like how you’re able to capture a likeness with a minimum of strokes. Lots of goodness here.

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