For the past four Christmases (give or take) Tony and I have had the pleasure of sharing our Eve dinner with Carol, my brother’s mother-in-law.

In other words, she’s the mother of the gal in the last portrait posted (here).

Fortunately, even when her daughter moved to Colorado, Carol continued to liven our celebration, back here in Minnesota.


This is one of my favorite of the series.  The free and lively line-work is well suited to the subject.  You can see I didn’t fuss over this one too much.  There are still some ‘guide-lines’ evident from the vertical axis under the nose and the horizontal axis between the eyes.  I use these in the sketch phase to get a general sense of where the features should end up on the face.  Here, I didn’t feel it was necessary to completely erase them.

For fun, compare this drawing to the much more controlled and studious drawing of her daughter.  What’s good about each approach, what don’t you like as much?

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9 thoughts on “Carol

  1. I love my pic. You portrayed my good side::) I also love Levi’s portrait. I am trying to get it blown up for a gift. To a larger size, not to oblivion ::)) I’m glad we have an artist of your standing in our family. love carol

  2. You captured her zest perfectly – it’s my favorite one that you’ve done!

    • It’s a shame we don’t describe things as “zesty” more often. The word always reminds me of grade school cafeteria lunch menus when they’d refer to whole kernel corn as “zesty”… which meant it had trace amounts of paprika or something added to it.

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  4. This is a nice portrait, Gabriel

  5. poppytump on said:

    I think I just love the way this lady looks like she is brimming with some fun she wants to share Gabriel 🙂

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