A few wonderful years ago, my brother married a lovely lady named Candace.

She refers to me as her BIL, for brother-in-law.

This is the picture that I made of her as part of her Christmas present:


This drawing is actually based on the *same photograph* that served as the main source for the picture of my brother (see previous post).  Yet, the styles of the drawings have significant differences.

This drawing uses a more traditional cross-hatching technique to create a range of values, for starters.  There is a more delicate touch to the shadows on the face, and a greater level of detail.  This all adds up to a more photographic-realism in contrast to the more line/graphic feel of my brother.

I am quite pleased with the way the eyes turned out, as well as the mouth.  Mouths are probably the most challenging feature for me.  (This has led to a number of pictures with them omitted, in the past.) 

On the other hand, hair seems to be a strong suit, judging by some of the comments that have been left by readers of this blog.  The results from this attempt are satisfying, as well.  Which leads inevitably to the question: what conditioner does she use?

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8 thoughts on “S-I-L

  1. I’m famous!! I luuuurve this portrait – your talents blow my mind. I must say, my hair does look amazing in this. Can you come out to Colorado and sketch in my hair permanently?Love you lots and lots.

  2. That is one pretty lady!

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  5. I’ll bet your SIL was thrilled with this painting.

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