Oh, Brother!

It’s been a while.

When Christmas rolls around, everything else gets put on hold.  All of my creative energy has been funneled into holiday activities, presents, meals, parties, etc….

For a few of my family members I made notebooks with personalized covers.  The cover for my mom’s notebook was a copy of the Mane Menagerie picture I posted a while back, which she had liked (here).

My brother Zack’s notebook had this on the cover:


It’s a picture of him.

This is actually a second attempt.  The first was scrapped after I realized that it was a disaster.  But that scuttled version did yield the interesting “shadow image” posted a few days ago (here).

The second time around was not exactly a charm.  The picture still did not come together easily.  It was based on a few photographs.  The main source photo was chosen for its pose, and because it was large enough that you could see some details.  However, my brother’s eyes were covered with dark sunglasses.

After quite a bit of looking, I began to realize that my brother is rarely photographed without sunglasses.  Still, that wasn’t the look I wanted.  Finally, a useable picture was found, and this picture drawn up.

This portrait was all about choices.  When looking at a person’s face, there are plenty of lines, shadows and wrinkles one could draw into the piece.  I had to choose which ones were critical to capturing the likeness in an economical way.

There was a lot of drawing and erasing before the image was finished.  I like how the lines in the finished piece still managed to have a “loose” feel.  And the hair is probably my favorite part.

There’s more to come, and hopefully now that things are a little calmer, I can get back to making new work.

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11 thoughts on “Oh, Brother!

  1. I LOVE his hair too, both in real life and his portrait life. You are so awesome and I have no shame toting around my personalized notebook everywhere!

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  3. This was such a clever and well executed Christmas gift, Gabriel! My notebook is becoming my 2013 business sketchbook. I needed one of those. Now when I tote it around, people will think I have a really big ego 🙂

    • That’s kind of funny. I think you’re okay as long as you explain the portrait was un-solicited.

      There’s a curious stigma associated with people requesting portraits of themselves… which is strange because photographic self-pics are ubiquitous and somehow deemed perfectly acceptable. Hmmm…

  4. Love the texture in his hair.

  5. betsy garbow on said:

    I thought the first one was Zack. With very little detail it captured the sense of him. The second one is obviously Zack, as it looks just like him. I like them both, though I really enjoy the economy of the first one.

  6. poppytump on said:

    Welcome Back Gabriel !
    What a great gift, a personalised notebook like that …did your brother mind not having one of him wearing his sunglasses ?? 😀

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