The theme for Illustration Friday this week was “Explore”.

The first thing that came to mind was a team of people spelunking in a mysterious cave with some light effects from the flashlight.  The color scheme was part and parcel with this idea.

But something happened along the way, and the idea changed to a two-part picture of a guy exploring an attic.  I’m not sure whose attic it’s supposed to be.

Explore I Explore II



I eventually sat myself down to draw.  The first step was plotting out my color schemes.   The contrasting warm and cool hues in either scene was part of the whole concept.

The other challenge I posed myself was to avoid outlines in the final product.  The pictures were meant to be a little more “painterly” than my other digital drawings.  This goal was largely met, though not completely.

There are some very nice parts to each of these drawings, while the contrasting “finish” between them is a tiny bit jarring.  My favorite details are the spider webs and cast light in the first one, the bright highlights, the dog, and the mouse in the second one.

What are *your* favorite details?


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10 thoughts on “Explore

  1. I imagined something awful was up there but was relieved to find out that it was just a book or photo album.

    My favorite detail was the peeking dog.

  2. I love this duo, Gabriel. The lighting in both paintings is exceptional. The touch of green in the second painting is a great touch that ties them together with color in addition to the continuing story line. I almost missed the little mouse. Very sophisticated work.

  3. I like the difference between the coolness in the first image and the warmth in the second, Gabriel, which you’ve mentioned. The cobweb is also good in the first one. The mouse is a bit of a pleasant surprise… I didn’t notice it when I first looked!

  4. poppytump on said:

    I’m thinking he has found that book in there and is sat on the trap door after pulling over the lamp to read it …The boy seems completely oblivious to the wee mouse on the side – must be a good book – his dog tho’ seems ready to spring into action *if* he wanted to !
    You’ve captured that relaxed but ever instantly-capable-to- jump-up mode of a dog … observed it often in ours 😉
    Like the colour choices for both Gabriel.

    • Wow…thank you for the thoughtful observations. I find that the little added characters and details (like the critters) make these kinds of illustrations much more interesting and helps people connect to them.

  5. poppytump on said:

    OOoh coming back in awhile to look more closely and comment Gabriel ….

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