Snow Boots

How do you like to spend a snowy day?  The recent arrival of a foot of snow has me in a wintery state of mind.  I spent the day baking cookies and doing light jobs around the house.

Other things you might find me doing on a snowy day:

1)  Staying inside the house all day, huddling by the heat vent, alternately rubbing my hands together and blowing into them, dramatically for ‘warmth’.

2)  Shoveling snow, congratulating myself for exercising with a hearty pat on the back and a mug of hot chocolate.

3)  Hiding in bed with the blanket pulled up over my head; whimpering about hating myself for drinking all those empty calories.

4)  Drawing.


I pulled out this half-finished drawing yesterday and put it into the end zone.  Which reminds me of another thing I like to do on a snowy day: watch football (and attempt strained football-related metaphors).

The drawing was well under way.  It had been started over a month ago, but it needed some finessing.  In addition to tightening up some of the line work, I added the tree and most of the sketched shadows.

At this point the whole drawing was basically black-and-white, except the black was brown (lines) and the white was the tan that still dominates the background.

Lightening the kid’s skin and making it a slightly rosier color breathed a little life into him.  Then came the white snow, then the darker colors for the boots and the jacket.

The final touches were the blended whites that create the graded background, the subtle highlights on the figure’s clothes, and the hint of breath.  I’m not sure whether he’s pulling up his socks or trying to get snow out of his boot, but it looks like he’s *not* wasting a snowy day at home.




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9 thoughts on “Snow Boots

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  2. I, too, like the breath. Without it, the scene wouldn’t seem nearly as cold. But where are the boy’s gloves?

  3. Bella Sinclair on said:

    Hey, Gabriel! Great drawings and watercolors! Your style has a lot of energy to it. Love the misty breath in this image. It seals the deal on the coldness. Brrrrr. I miss the snow. Not a big fan of being IN it. But watching it fall while being warm and cozy inside was heaven.

    • Thank you, Bella. It *was* very nice to watch it fall a few days ago, but now the roads are still a mess and my nerves are shot from driving in it.

      At least I can come home and try to relax with a little bit of drawing… 🙂

  4. We don’t tend to get a great deal of snow here, which is odd compared to the rest of the country, but when we do there’s always a hint of your background colour all around! The snow tends to affect the light in that way! The breath is a good feature in this picture, Gabriel, very true to how cold it is at the moment!

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