As I’ve mentioned before, I am lucky to be part of a great little community of artists; the Old Town Artists in St. Paul.  Rebecca – one of my cohorts in the co-op – sat for an open-drawing session a week ago.

She did a fantastic job, and the resulting picture is a testament to that:

Rebecca - for blog

It started with a quick pencil sketch on a separate piece of paper for planning purposes.  However, when it came time to start in on the actual work, it was a very light wash of watercolor that was used to block in the major forms, instead of pencil.

A greater degree of confidence helped in this painting’s success, and kept it from becoming overworked.  The background has some nice, definite structure, but is not too specific or fussy.  The skin tone is fresh and varied, although her actual complexion is a good deal warmer.

The bridge of her nose is, strictly speaking, not anatomically accurate in the picture.  However, the other artists in the room insisted that the ‘feel’ of the face captures Rebecca’s essence.  Who am I to argue?

Rebecca, as it turns out, is not only a talented artist, but a fine model, too.  She is also a deep source of advice, with a knack for gently, but firmly steering people in the directions they need to go.

Heck, her presence alone moved this painting into the ‘win’ column!

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8 thoughts on “Rebecca

  1. oscarjamieson on said:

    Just stumbled upon your work, this has to be my favorite so far! Fantastic work at capturing natural light – well done!

    • I’m glad you came by. This painting simple, but apparently very effective. Everyone has been commenting on the light… which is funny because I wasn’t thinking overtly about it at the time of painting.

      Meanwhile, I’ve taking an initial glance at your writing. It’s very vivid. I’ll be taking time for a closer read soon…

  2. Well done, Gabriel. Such lovely light.

  3. Rebecca is lovely. Your painting is lovely, too. I love your choice of colors and the way you captured the light.

    • I’ll let her know of your compliment. The light effects may have turned out successfully because I didn’t *try* to capture light effects. I just tried to paint what I saw in front of me, and trusted my eyes.

  4. poppytump on said:

    I’ve always liked loose style washes like this . Very subtle and beautifully ‘described’ form.
    You sound happy with this one Gabriel – I would be too 🙂

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