One of the best parts of our Thanksgiving celebration is the leftovers.  In keeping with that spirit (and because I promised) today’s post features two drawing left over from past Illustration Friday attempts.

Shy Bedroom II

This started out as one of many sketches for the theme “Shy”.  I chose to go in an even more PG direction, however, and this one remains a glorified sketch.  I like the composition of it, the light effects are hinted at nicely, and the way the two characters relate to each other is exactly what I was shooting for.

This next one may look more familiar:

Whiskers I

As I hinted at in the comments section of the post “Call Me Steam”, the color version of this picture actually came first.  I wasn’t happy with the way things were going, though.  The picture was nice enough, but the theme it was meant to illustrate was “Whiskers”.  That just wasn’t coming through very clearly.  I like a nice, immediate illustration, since people often only look at them for a few seconds, unless it catches their eyes.

So the simpler, more graphic version made the cut.  I came back to the color version earlier this evening and tinkered with it just a bit more.  I added some more streaks to the mirror fog and tweaked some of the shadows.  The boy also now sports a collarbone and a nipple.

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11 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. I like the creativity of the “steam” illustration, and the small details like the dripping from your signature.

  2. I like the colour version, Gabriel – the streaks give it a more ‘steamy’ feel. I also like the streaks you have added beneath your name!

  3. poppytump on said:

    Yes I like this one ! Makes me wonder what next the finger will choose to expose on the face 😉

  4. I like the way you serve up leftovers. And I really like the colorized version of “Whiskers.”

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