Call Me Steam

A short post today.  I fussed over this one way too much already.

It’s my take on the Illustration Friday topic of the week: “whiskers”.

I spent hours drawing and redrawing this.  There’s also a full-color version with a more elaborate “fog” effect that I actually completed first, but then I stripped it back to the essential elements and am much happier with it.

The title to today’s post comes from a song by Jeremy Enigk from his album “Return of the Frog Queen”.  He’s perhaps best known as the frontman for the band Sunny Day Real Estate.

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9 thoughts on “Call Me Steam

  1. really stunning-worth your time and effort. love it

  2. I like the way how you incorporate music into your artwork, Gabriel. Great whiskers illustration by the way!

  3. Steamy. This is so creative. I like the drips coming from the whiskers. Would love to see the color version, too.

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