A New Me

It has long been a source of wounded pride for me that my profile pic is a generic photograph rather than something a little more personal.  A hand-made portrait is not only an identifying image, but also doubles as a calling-card for you as an artist.

Self-portraits are fraught with challenges.

A colleague from the studio points out that I always look “serious” in my pictures, so I tried to look more approachable this time.

My mother says I always make my head look too wide, so I tried to make myself look authentically thin.

My partner says my self-portraits are good, but when I show them to him, he always asks, “who is that?”, so I tried to make this one an unmistakeable, amazingly accurate likeness.

How did I do?

Happy American Thanksgiving, everyone.

For what it’s worth, I am thankful for the bounty life has given me, unearned: a loving partner/family/friends, health, a comfortable living, and the luxury of time to make art.  I will include in my thoughts today all the people who live in want of these blessings.


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4 thoughts on “A New Me

  1. I’m way behind with catching up, Gabriel! Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!
    I ‘painted’ a self portrait once but I’m not sure whether it looks like me or not! I’m more used to seeing a reflected image of myself, than a ‘real’ image, so when I see a photo of myself I tend to think it doesn’t look like me either. You’ve done a god job on your portrait!

  2. This is wonderful, Gabriel. You’ve captured a good likeness of yourself–which for me has always been difficult to do–I see no “wideness of head” LOL, and a relaxed, approachable, and fine-looking man.

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