Twice Shy

This week’s topic on Illustration Friday was “Shy”.  The trouble started almost immediately.  My own ambitions were getting in the way of getting things done.   The challenge was to devise a scene that *screams* shyness – the only problem being the fact that shyness – by definition – doesn’t scream.

One idea after another came to life on paper only to end up meet a swift demise in the dustbin.

“This one is too obvious.”

“This one is too obscure.”

“This one is really boring.”

“This one is too sexy.”

As for that last one; it’s not clear just how far Illustration Friday will let you push the envelope – most of the stuff on there is pretty PG.   After stewing on it for a few more days, the pieces finally fell into place with a quick sketch I squeezed in over lunch at work.

An all-nighter at the computer and another couple hours of finishing work resulted in this little number:

The piece seems to pick up where the last drawing (Haunt) left off: they could exist in the same world.  Or, they could be two intersecting storylines in a foreign film with very little plot, but a series of poignant tableaux.

The characters seem sweet, but hopefully not toothache-inducing.  For the optimal viewing experience, you can examine the drawing while listening to Big Brother and Holding Company’s version of “Summertime” from the album “Cheap Thrills”.  It provides a fun, nostalgic backdrop for this fictional moment that appears to take place on the heels of summer.

Meanwhile, there are a couple new paintings queued-up and ready to post in the next few days – and the blockbuster that’s been taking up so much of my time is nearing completion.  Stay tuned.

And let me know what you think, or what the drawing makes you think of… if you’re not too shy!

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14 thoughts on “Twice Shy

  1. This is quite stunning. I love the style and use of just a couple colors. Yet it still has so much depth!

  2. Ben G. on said:

    Hi Gabe. This one is great. Lots of character in here. Know what the style of these two remind me of? I’ll tell you. It reminds me of the style of a Gorillaz album cover.

    • Oh! What a great compliment! Thanks, Ben.

      I love Jamie Hewitt’s work on Gorillaz. Tony even got me this nice hardcover book with a whole bunch of the artwork that’s gone into their career.

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  5. I have to agree with the other folk’s comments, Gabriel… the texture and the lines are really good, and it has a 3D feel to it as well! I like your comparison to a foreign film – the colours seem to add to this idea very well.
    I wonder if I’ll get on to Illustration Friday this coming week? Time permitting – hopefully!
    Hope you’re having a good Friday!

  6. Wow!!! So glad I stopped by Illustration Friday this morning, and had the chance to see your take on the “Shy” theme. It’s just… perfect!! Love the interaction between those two, we can really feel that something is happening here.. and loving your style… the texture in the hair… awesome. I will come back visit soon, that’s for sure. 🙂

    • So cool. I started doing I.F. just a couple weeks ago as an excuse to do assignments on a deadline for the first time since college… but a wonderful side effect has been ‘meeting’ new people like you.

      Your specific feedback is so appreciated. I had no idea the hair would turn out to be such a hit! Thank you.

  7. This is beautiful, Gabriel. I love the color scheme, the soft background, and the texture of the man and woman’s hair. This is your best painting yet.

    • Wow. I’m proud of this piece and really glad it struck a chord with you, too. The colors didn’t exactly end up how I envisioned them: but I’m slowly learning to let things develop in the direction they ‘want’ to go.

  8. Its really beautiful. I love the way you captured the tone of autumn. This “dcreams ” Shyness. 🙂

    • That is wonderful praise. I wanted to really convey shyness, as distinct from, say, awkwardness or coyness. Landing on a compelling tone was an added bonus – but it sounds like people really responded to that, too.

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