Jersey Shore / Smashing Pumpkins

By now, it should be apparent that I get a kick out of pairing song lyrics with pertinent pictures and blog topics… but today’s is downright eery.

It started with the obvious…

It’s almost Halloween, so I drew my own spin on the holiday, featuring the typical botanical accompaniment.  When it came time to pick out some blog-writing music, The Smashing Pumpkins were the natural choice.  But as I scrolled through my lengthy catalog of their tunes my eyes were drawn first to the demos, “Autumn” and “Holiday”.

Fittingly, both reinforce the seasonal angle of the drawing.  Too fittingly, really.  Next, I gave a listen to “Valentine” for a slightly ironic take.  Its sound was a little off the mark, though.

At the same time, I was also checking in with a few of my east-coast friends and family to see how the oncoming storm was treating them.  On returning to the media hunt, the pieces fell into place:  a rarity titled “Jersey Shore”.

The lyrics, excerpted below, enhance the image AND the current events, beautifully.

Enjoy, and stay safe.

What can we do?
There’s life there for me
With a sweet young thing
And a cool, cool breeze

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7 thoughts on “Jersey Shore / Smashing Pumpkins

  1. Thank you for stopping and like my home page. love the simplicity of this one.

    • Why, thank you. Is it the fact that the subject matter is straightforward, or that there aren’t a whole of characters? Or, is the simplicity you like more about the limited color palette? Or do you like that I actually managed to keep my writing on the blog simple for once? Any way, I appreciate it.

      • Well, first: I like the looseness of the pen work. Simply & effective. Second: Choice of colours, very fitting & love the splats on the wall, which creates a nice balance. (whether subconscious or consciously done) Lastly, I’m visual, so the image caught me first. Simplicity, in this day in age, is great for the herd. You are a very detailed writer and that’s a plus. I’m not much of a writer sooo. I work the other way. I always like a good read;)

      • Thank you for the added insight. I hope to keep you interested and ‘on board’ for some time to come.

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