Rotten Peaches, Rotting In the Sun

While writing the previous post (to see it, click on the arrows that should be visible just to left of the text), it became apparent that a lot of people end up visiting this site due to the inclusion song lyrics in the text and the titles.  Far be it from me to pass up the opportunity to exploit this fact.  So…

Welcome, Elton John fans, to ‘Gabriel Garbow | Artworks’.

Stick around awhile and make yourselves at home.

You will not learn anything about Sir John here.  But you will a little bit about what one of the Bespectacled Spectacle’s songs inspired a devotee to draw.  This is what happens when you sit down at the computer, open Photoshop and queue up “Madman Across the Water” on the Media Player.  About two-thirds of the way through the album, a little ditty about juicy fruit and desperation comes on with an ascending slide guitar sound:  Rotten Peaches.

It starts with a tale of criminals on the run from the law, picking peaches to survive, and it ends with about a minute of “la la la-la-la-la, la la la-la-laa, la la la-la laaaaaa…”

And it inspired this drawing:

These guys are sort of a companion piece to the “Sad Tomato” in this earlier post (click here).

Besides the obvious debt owed to the lyric-induced image of a bunch of “Devil Fruit”, the main aim of this piece was to try out a quirky color scheme.  I am pleased with the slightly unsettling result.

Do you agree?  Disagree?  Want to chide me for tempting you with piano rock?  Scroll down and leave a comment.

And have a juicy day.

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13 thoughts on “Rotten Peaches, Rotting In the Sun

  1. I love the “blushing” peach in the foreground!

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  3. I like rotten peaches and sad tomatoes. These are really fun. They would look fab hanging together.

    • I should give that a try… printing them out, and putting them up next to each other. But I have a feeling the peaches would bully the poor tomato.

      • afternoonartist on said:

        You might have to post a moderator between them–you know an impartial fruit. Otherwise, you might have a drive-by fruiting–Mrs. Doubtfire style. That phrase always cracked me up!

      • gabrielgarbowota on said:

        Oh! I need to watch that again soon.

  4. The colours work well together, Gabriel! To me, it looks as though they are trying to get into shot or take centre stage one minute, and in the next, they are part of some kind of sinister alien invasion! My imagination likes to run away with itself at times…

  5. Your peaches look a little angry, well maybe I’d look a little angry too if I were rotten;)
    After reading your post I just had to check out the song on youtube, I don’t think I ever heard it before but its really good, cant go wrong with Elton John, although I’m not crazy about Crocodile Rock…I like my music a little slower, a little moodier, a little sexier.
    So is this the song you mentioned to me that was playing? You’re right, hey blend together really nicely!
    Thanks for your words Gabriel, I like to have my site and my art both to look uniquely mine if I can, its not easy when so many do computer art but I try. Your art is of course completely unique, to draw by hand is something I cant do, computer graphics Im good at, but I would love to be able to paint an oil painting, or do a sketch of a person, or to be able to draw adorable shy tomatoes and slighty grouchy rotten peaches:) Nikki x

    • These stinkers *are* angry; they’re rotten to the core. I think you do a great job of making your stuff your own. It’s great to see so many different talents on display out there… we artists always have to remember to appreciate the skills we *do* have, and not dwell on the ones we wish we did. Easy enough to say, right?

  6. Aww, I love these peaches! Lovely colours and I like the way you rendered the artwork “grainy”. Would you mind if I say they are adorable? 😀

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