100 Ways

Milestones.  People like celebrating them.  This is one of them.  This is my one-hundredth post.

I was thinking about creating an epic piece to commemorate the occasion.  But I realized pretty quickly that would only mean more delays.  It’s probably best to just slap together a colorful sketch, throw up some stats from the past year, and move forward.

So there’s the colorful sketch.  Now cue the stats:

The majority of the visitors over the last 100 posts came from Facebook (433), Search Engines (280), and from WordPress itself (134).  It’s the fourth position that was most pleasantly surprising:  Old Town Artists.  So a big thanks goes out to my co-op for contributing 45 clicks.

Perhaps the most curious was the one visit from somewhere called “hotzgirls.de.vu” which turns out to be a perfectly harmless blog that happens to have a recipe for rice pudding posted right now.

Those visitors were almost exclusively domestic.  The U.K. and Canada, though next in line, supplied only about 1/10 of the traffic of the U.S.  Singapore was responsible for a respectable 45 visits, and a good 14 came from the Philippines – most likely thanks to the fantastic Sci-Fi poetry blog, “Modern Day Epic”.  It’s definitely worth a read.  A smattering of visits came from all over the globe, including one each from the Syrian Arab Republic, Egypt and *two* from some place(s) called the “British Indian Ocean Territories”.  Who knew?

If you haven’t already visited these posts and pages, then do so *right now* – besides the home page, they are the most popular to date:

  1. About – people want to know who is responsible for all this… naturally.
  2. Archives – for your own, self-guided trip down memory lane.
  3. I Can’t Hold Out Forever – Even Walls Fall Down – thank you, Mr. Petty.

…And these two posts at the very near the bottom of the list, definitly deserved more attention.  They may have suffered from bad timing.  Give them their due:

  1. A Little Birdie Told Me. I had completely forgotten about this one, but it’s worth remembering.  It includes a very interesting color scheme.  And a fun little puzzle.
  2. The Child Bride.  This is one of Tony’s favorites, so click here now.

Thank you a million times over to my 72 followers.  I really appreciate the encouragement, and I *REALLY* the 412 comments you all have left along the way.  Actually, you have left 206 comments – the other 206 are my responses.  Yes, I respond to *every* comment.  Let’s see how many more we can rack up on this page, and all the others, too!

Hove you noticed how, these days, most people celebrate their birthdays over the course of a few days?  They may make a long weekend of it.  Or they might have one party with friends and another with family, maybe even a third at work.  Some folks even manage to stretch the occasion out to encompass the better part of a month.

I won’t push my luck, but I *am* going to keep the 100th-blog celebration rolling on into the next post.  Be sure to join me for THE CRAZIEST SEARCH TERMS of the past 100 posts ! ! !

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10 thoughts on “100 Ways

  1. Congratulations this would be dull without you. 100 more please

    • What would be dull without me? WordPress? The internet? Art??? This is too much responsibility for one man.

      Okay, I’m just being silly because I never learned how to take a compliment. “Thank you.”

  2. Hi Gabriel, there seems to be a lot of milestones being reached at the moment… congratulations on yours! I’m hoping to be able to increase your comment count on your future posts… obviously not in a spam way!
    Here’s to your next one hundred!

  3. That cake looks delish! Now let’s get the party started….

    • My partner may have had to pry me away from gnawing at my computer screen. I baked a similar-looking cake for a friend’s birthday earlier in the week, and didn’t want to send the leftovers home with her.

      You bring the champagne and we’ll party all night.

  4. Congratulations on the milestone, Gabriel! Keep the art (and posts) coming!

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