Odds and Ends pt.3

While I doubt that the recent silence from this blog has caused anyone any real distress, I nonetheless feel a little guilty about it. 

Part of the reason it hasn’t been updated lately is because there is very little new work to update it with.  Other responsibilities (and some less responsible activities) occupied my time lately.

1)  A good part of the last month has been devoted to preparing for – and then teaching – my first drawing class.  Four students submitted to my tutelage for four two-hour sessions spanning two weeks.  Fun and progress was experienced by all.  Perhaps a future post will have to be devoted to the details of this experience.

2)  I’ve been elected president of the Old Town Artists co-op for the next year.  While in the studio, preparing a new painting last Saturday, a half-dozen of my colleagues started showing up.  This was unusual.  Weekend mornings are typically quiet around the studio until at least noon.  The annual meeting had slipped my mind, and only by a stroke of good luck was I on-site and able to attend.  My goal for this year is to capitalize on a period of prosperity that the group has been experiencing in the last siz months.  Membership in the co-op is at full capacity for the first time in a couple of years, and attendance at our evening open drawing sessions is on an upswing.  The trick is channeling all that participation into something that benefits everyone without disrupting all the good stuff that’s already happening.

3)  My latest loft project has not been art-related at all.  I am working on being a better, more engaged friend and family member.  The trip to New York I mentioned previously was intended to give some well-deserved attention to some of my best, longest-lasting friendships and to see my family.  The past few weekends have included an all-day “brunch” with some newer buddies, and a great reunion with my most stalwart friend since middle school.  Travis Williams and I would spend hour after hour in my room in Red Wing trading comics and debating their various merits.  More importantly, we created stacks of pages of our own comics, many based on some wacky characters of his creation named Skewer, Prophecy, and Mashed Potatoes.  Let me know if you’d like to see those old drawings, and I’ll see if I can track them down.

Enough with the excuses.  Today I spent a few hours in the studio finally setting paint to the picture that’s been in preparation for almost two months.  Hopefully it will be ready for unveiling soon.  It’s based on an old black-and-white photograph of the famed Parisian stage actress, Sarah Bernhardt.  

And since I still have nothing new to share, here is a sketch completed while in the big city.

It was drawn in my friend’s studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  This was the same session that produced the previously posted portrait of Lila (here).  It was done quickly, when my hostess had to get up from her “pose” to attend to other business.  I gave the drawing to the sitter, whom I remember as “Lisa”.  But if you are reading this… and you own this picture… and it is of you… and your name is *not* Lisa… please let me know!

And here is me, working studiously on the drawing:

…And a dog butt.

Have a great weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Odds and Ends pt.3

  1. Andrea V.J. on said:

    Indeed her name is Lisa. It was great meeting you at Lila’s studio that day. Love your work!

  2. scratch and sniff study, maybe…lol

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