When I was a kid, Bigfoot creeped me out.  Only, I didn’t imagine the beast as a lumbering pre-Neaderthal.  Instead, it was more like a giant spider-monkey.

He would swing from tree to tree as I sat helplessly in a school-bus on the way to the nearest downhill skiing hills one evening per week in the winter.  For some reason, he wasn’t such a pest once we got to the ‘resort’ even though the creepy forest was now much closer.  Breaking ones neck on the seemingly treacherous slopes was a much more immediate danger.

This all came back to me as I set out to make a drawing of this mythical creature.  It was supposed to be a part of a larger project, but this drawing ended up being mostly just for fun.

The picture is intended to capture the creepiness and the lurking doom of the long-limbed tormentor of bus riders.  Mission accomplished?

Next time: a few more bigfoot pictures.  Oooh, scary!

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10 thoughts on “Bigfoot!

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  2. Betsy Garbow on said:

    Yeah,he’s pretty creepy.

  3. I like it! Piercing eyes again… it’s certainly a creepy creature that would make anyone leap out of their skin if they saw it lurking in the shadows!

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