Vacation – pt.1

It’s kind of fun to think how the word “vacation” is really a form of the verb “vacate”.  Vacate means ‘to make empty’ or something roughly equivalent.  More than likely, this term originally referred to people vacating their houses while ‘on holiday’ somewhere else.

It’s much more interesting to consider the extended leisure time as an opportunity to ‘make empty’ your mind.  A vacation is a time to let (most of ) your cares ooze out your pores as you bathe in the sun, or evaporate off the top of your head while you read a breezy book, poolside.

That’s what I tried to do on a spate of vacations this year.

Chances are, by the time you read this post, I will have returned from the final trip of 2012 – a visit to my family and friends in New York.  I might have some art to show for it.  But not today.  Today we start with the second most recent journey: to Florida.

This is small one, painted in a 6″x10″ watercolor sketchbook.  The paper was a better quality than what I was used to using, which proved problematic.  More about *that* in the next post.

Nonetheless, this picture adequately captures the feeling of lazing away a sunny afternoon.  The color of the pool is just right, and the shadows are pretty accurate.  The lattice fence outside the enclosed patio is sketchy, but gets the point across.

Less endearing are the blue chairs.  The the paint kind of got away from me there.

One of the  best things about Marco Island, Florida was emptying the brain and just *being* there. We saw and did plenty of stuff, but the magic moments were the ones like this, where not much was going on.

On the outside chance that you find yourself in this vacation/retirement community, make sure to stop in to this hidden gem: Simply Cupcakes of Olde Marco.  I am not a huge cupcake fan, but the young couple who run this shop do everything right.  The flavors, the presentation, the moist and unique cake batters, and the exact right amount of topping/cake.  AND they make the best lattes in town.  Even if this last paragraph has somehow not convinced you to book a trip to Marco, click on over to their website and tease yourself with drool-inducing pictures.

Come on back for the next post, which will highlight a completely different kind of quiet place in Savannah, Georgia.

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4 thoughts on “Vacation – pt.1

  1. I love this! It brings me right back there…can we go back now?!? 🙂 If you ever want to part with this, I bet Katie and Marty would love it! And I third it, I love the blue chairs. One of my favorite pictures from this vacation is you sitting out by the pool painting this, looking sooooo peaceful.

  2. I thi k the blue chairs are perfecto. Love this painting.

    • I showed this picture to a friend of mine (the original painting on paper) and she said the same thing without any leading questions. It’s always funny how the things the creator is displeased with so often is seen as okay or even a strength to others.

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