Pick Out Your Cloud

“Pick out your cloud” is part of a line from a wistfully moody Tori Amos song.  Full title: “Your Cloud”.

Today, a collection of images of one of my nameless characters.  I started drawing this little guy in college.  He would appear here and there with only the slightest of variations between each incarnation.  Drawing certain images is a like a mantra or a balm.  It’s soothing just to repeat the lines that make up the form.

All four of the figures above are copies of the same drawing, each with a little something added or taken away.  I completed the drawing a month or so ago, but hadn’t gotten around to saving it in a post-able format until tonight.

That’s about all the writing I’ve got in me today.  So… just enjoy the visuals and write your own story to go with them, if you like.

I trust you.

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5 thoughts on “Pick Out Your Cloud

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  2. Lovely. I like the comparison to a mantra.

  3. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Love it!

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