A Little Birdie Told Me

Checking in with a few of my favorite blogs the other night, I was delighted to discover that Sarah Goodreau has been on another prolifically creative tear.  This is a woman who frequently posts one or *more* exquisitely imaginative illustrations ON A DAILY BASIS

In addition to respect and jealousy (not necessarily in that order) I also harbor a deep suspicion that she has a back room in her house full of highly trained children who churn out Photoshop gems based on her whimsical sketches.

But enough defamation for one day…

One of Ms. Goodreau’s recent images really tickled my fancy.  Click here to see “Wolf Advisor”.  I couldn’t get the image of a bird whisper devilish nothings into someone’s ear out from between my own ears.

This was, as usual, the result of momentary inspiration, a 30-second sketch, and a couple hours of tinkering.

I’m really pleased with the color palette and the fella’s expression.  What must that dirty birdie be suggesting?  Yet another deliberately ambiguous scene.

Here’s an early stage of the picture, once the sketch had been “rectified” a little and the main color was chosen:

All the main elements are there, but the color and embellishments really elevate the finished piece.

And the most humble beginnings:

Perhaps surprisingly, the original outlines for just about every element made it into the final work – mostly intact.  Only the shoulders and head shape were substantially reworked, and the arms added.

So there you have it.  And if anyone asks me why I chose to “copy” Sarah Goodreau’s ideas, I’ll just tell ’em “A Little Birdie Told Me”.


Just another dirty bird, givin’ all your cinnamon away.

-Kings of Leon

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